Professional tax
If any one earn an income from salary or practicing a profession are need to pay a tax to the state Government in India.. various state has their own tax rate and methods. But in India not all the state impose this tax. The Business owners, Working Individuals , merchant and people carrying out various occupations comes under the purview of this tax of selected state in India. It is a source of revenue for the government. The maximum amount payable per year is INR 2,500 and in line with tax payer’s salary.

Registration for Professional tax
For Professional tax registration from your state tax department you need to apply for this within 30 days of employing for business. For separate entity you should apply separately.
Penalties for Non-Compliance
A penalty of rs 5 / day is applicable if it is delay to obtaining registration certificate . In case of late payment, 10% of the amount, will be applicable as pentalty. In case of late filing of returns, a penalty of Rs. 1000 per return will be imposed.

Documents required for P tax registration
Address Proof of establishment
Address proof of Partners, Proprietor or Directors as applicable
Photo of Proprietor, Partner or Directors as Applicable

Registration for P Tax
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