Company Registration
Company Registration

A perfect business structure will allow your business to work efficiently and meet your required business targets. To register yourselves for running your business smoothly.

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Nidhi Company Registration
Nidhi Company Registration

A perfect business structure will allow your business to work efficiently and meet your required business targets. To register yourselves for running your business smoothly.

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Partnership Company Registration
Partnership Company Registration

A perfect business structure will allow your business to work efficiently and meet your required business targets. To register yourselves for running your business smoothly.

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Our Services

Private Limited Company Registration

Private Limited Company offers limited liability and gives legal protection to the businesses in India.

Company Compliance for Private Limited Company

A private Limited Company need an annual ROC filling that is necessary for a company owner to get the annual returns & documents.

Limited Liablity Partnership Registration

Under Limited Liability Partnership Firm, a partnership firm is formed among two or more partners with limited liability.

Company Compliance for LLP

LLP Annual Compliance Filing is necessary to maintain the Firm's status and file certain statutory filings of every financial year.

Public Limited Company Registration

A Public Limited Company Registration is needed for large capital requirements as per the Companies Act, 2013

Company Compliance for Nidhi Company

Sujata Associates is incorporated as a Nidhi Company, that will help to comply with all the provisions and restrictions applicable in this act.

Nidhi Company Registration

Nidhi company registration is a blessing for those business owners who are interested to start a loan/finance business in India. 

NGO Registration

Our NGO Registration helps the business owners to select the right option and our experts will guide you through the entire NGO registration process.

GST Registration

Every business or corporation based on buying and selling goods and services must register for GST.

Trademark Registration

The registered trademark is an essential asset for the business used to protect the company's identity or brand.

Legal Consultancy

Legal Consultancy establishes a reliable legal background in your business to minimize the amount of legal dispute.

Property Registration

Property Registration brings legality and authenticity to the entire procedure of property transfer.

Domain Registration

Domain registration is the procedure of registering a domain name, that denotes one or more IP addresses with a name. It makes it easier to remember and use in URLs to notify particular Web pages. 

Software Development

Software Development is necessary to design websites and even flourish apps for various types of OS.

Section 8 Company Registration

Section 8 Company Registration is the method of an implementation of an NGO under the 'Companies Act 2013'.

Trust Registration

Our trust registration undertakes public welfare activities with a charitable purpose.

GST Return

GST Return deals with the details of a purchase, tax paid on purchases, sales, and tax collected on sales.

ISO Certification

ISO Certifications needed to ensure the quality of products and services of a company.

Book Keeping Accounts

Bookkeeping accounts helps a company to keep track of all information on the books to make key operating, investing, and financing decision taking.

EPF & ESI Registration

ESI and EPF Registration schemes can avail the medical facilities, monetary facilities provided they are employed in a business having at least more than ten employees.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is needed to support digital transformation of a business and also help for the company growth.

Apps Development

Sujata Associates promises to transfer cutting-edge app development services for small and start-up industries.

One Person Company Registration (OPC)

One-person company registration can be formed with 1 director and 1 nominee. We provide the best registration services to satisfy our client's needs at a reasonable cost.

Partnership Registration

Partnership registration is an easy to form, and the compliance is minimum as compared to the other companies.

Income Tax Filing

The company is operated by experts and experienced people. The main aim is to help customers with the best tax-filing experience.

Patent Registration

Patent registration helps a business to get intellectual property right to an invention carried out by an individual or a firm.

Preparing Project Report

Preparing the Project Report is very important because it provides very helpful information to make business decisions.

Property & Personal Loan

Property & Personal loan is important against the mortgage of property. We seek solutions to your loan problems and find a suitable way to implement and execute your plan.

Logo Designing

Logo designing is a brand considering that has a high promising value for your business.

MLM Development

Sujata Associates aim to generate the most advanced and power-packed MLM software. The experts complete the procedure with the latest and most advanced MLM characteristics.

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UPDATE: A complete safety plan for Covid-19 is required before registering your company. India is going through a rough phase during the global pandemic caused due to coronavirus (COVID 19). The Government has provided certain guidelines for the companies. Sujata Associates follow the proper guidance while delivering solutions to the customers.

Basic requirement:
  • At least 2 members need to be there in the company.
  • Note it is a legal business and must not harm society.
  • If the registrar issues the certificate of incorporation to that business entity and then the registration will be canceled by the Central Government

Company Registration Process in India is completely hustled free and it’s completely online. Register Your Company at your doorstep. Known to provide multiple legal assistance to clients Sujata Associates is one of the leading legal assistance service providers.

The following Documents are required for Company Registration is as follows:-

  • Pan Card of the Directors.
  • Aadhaar/Voter Card/Passport of the Directors
  • Passport size photo of the Directors.
  • Savings Bank statement of all the Shareholders.
  • If rented then the Rent Agreement.
  • If Owned Tax Bill Of the Premises
  • Electric Bill Of the Premises & Noc From the landlord, if rented.

One-Stop Legal Services from the Leading Chartered Accountants

UPDATE: Our entire nation is fighting against coronavirus (COVID 19) and it has impacted every industry a lot. The government also took several measures in order to carry out the work successfully. Sujata Associates has initiated various safety measurements to maintain proper security in this pandemic situation. Our online services are made much efficient following the necessity during this pandemic. 

In India, company registration is the legal procedure of incorporating a business. Registering your company makes your business a distinguished property. The Ministry of Corporate Affairs looks after the procedure of “Company Registration”.

According to a recent survey, nearly 7 lakh companies are registered in India and several applications are being filed every day. It is important to stay updated by the registration process and Sujata Associates professionals will step by step organize the company registration process in India.

With a goal to cater to multiple clients stuck with legal fuss associated with business registration or assisting them to manage their business, Sujata Associates takes pride in providing a niche-based solution to individual customers.  Apart from legal assistance, we’re also into website developing, designing, and Search Engine Optimization.

Remaining constrained to our prime focus, in helping small and medium start-ups with tailored legal compliances, we are a team of experts whom you need as a newbie player in the market. We always look ahead to integrating trust with quality assistance for offering you the best legal help that fits your niche suitably. Our affordable legal solutions come at a price that smartly fits your limited budget.

A number of times, we have seen clients coming to us for emergency legal help after seeing another company selling the same product. At that moment, it might be difficult for you to sue the businessman who has pursued such adultery if your business is not registered and lacks legal identity.

Nidhi Company Registration Process Online

UPDATE: COVID 19 impacted a lot on the businesses. The world is fighting health as well as an economic pandemic. There are certain that all companies must follow to stand in this situation. Sujata Associates follows all the safety measures provided by the government. In this challenge, we are taking all the precautions while providing a suitable solution to the clients.

The Nidhi Company Registration process is not a tough procedure but it requires experts to get proper solutions. However, the procedure has been completely changed by the government in order to enhance the growth of businesses. The Government however ends up making the process a little harder. Sujata Associates is specialized in Nidhi Company Registration with several years of experience providing Nidhi Company registration to hundreds of businesses all across India.

Let’s say e.g. you’re all set to start a company, but need to help to choose a unique name for your business. However, you need to check whether any other company already used the same name or not. Then only, you can maintain the unique identity of your business corporation. It’s better to spend some time searching out a unique name for your business. If everything sounds fine, then only finalize the name for your business.

Guidelines for the online registration process of your business:

You should get the approval from the Ministry of Company Affairs to get the legal authority to register the name of your business Provide the address name, a short description of your company, activities you’re planning to pursue

Your name, residential address, and telephone no.

Mention the name of the street located just close to your business, as mailbox options are denied in the online registration process

The online registration of your business will assist you to avail all every legal help that comes under government regulations

Once the order form is filled, you can consider yourself done with the completion of the online order form. You can visit our office however if you need any further help to get the online registration process done quickly. In our office, you may also fill the enrolment form and submit it online. Once the approval comes from the relevant government department, we will email it back to you along with the details of the credentials shared with us.

Nidhi Company Registration Process and Fees:

You can, however, choose to click the Nidhi Company Registration Process and package fees here. To sign up for the licenses, registration as well as certificates, we guarantee you legal support to operate your company. Based on the business activity and nature of your business, however, there are a few things that you might need for giving a legal presence to your company. They’re:

Additional business license and permit (Conditions applied)

Other government accounts like GST, Payroll, Professional Taxes, etc.

Section 8 Company Registration process online

UPDATE: COVID 19 has largely affected the daily life of every individual all over the globe. The legal companies are coming out of the lockdown gradually. Following the new guidelines and laws, they are starting the business with the utmost care and security. All of the processes are mainly done in the online procedure to main social distancing in this pandemic situation.

A well-established  Section 8 company is capable of opening up to 3 branches after making continuous profit for three years continuously. Well, these three branches can be opened only in the particular district only. If you want to open any branch outside the district, then you will need permission from the Regional Director (RD). You cannot open a Nidhi Company branch outside the state.

Sujata Associates need just 20 days to start your company. But other legal firms may take up to 30 days or more than that for delivering a practical existence of your business. However, the time taken for giving your business a legal identity depends on other factors as well. One of those is how much time the relevant govt. officials are taking care of the entire process. If you’re running out of time the best way to get your company registered is to get an assurance that the required documents you need are all updated and submitted to the government on time. Being the owner, you should choose a unique name for your business that defines your business from the rest. That way, you enforce a steady brand establishment of your newbie business.

The lifespan of a company depends upon the sustenance of the business. Instances like the death of the owner or any individual related to business is not liable for the end of the business. Only if the business is merged with another business or corporation or goes bankrupt, then only the existence of the business comes to an end.

As one of the largest online legal registration companies in India, we at Sujata Associates dedicate our every effort to start up your business on a low budget. We believe in providing maximum legal help in a pocket-friendly quote.

You can call that a vision of your legal consultancy!

We always believe that entrepreneurs always avail maximum legal help from us. That’s why we being their sole legal partner always look ahead to assure them maximum business compliance for their business to thrive continuously.

Factors responsible for the longevity of the firm:
  • The company might continue to exist until its objective is fulfilled. If it merges with another corporation or bankrupt then only its existence might be at stake
  • The business won’t be affected under any circumstances on the death of any individual or individuals associated with the business.
  • If you’re in a hurry, it’s better to choose a dynamic name and identity for your business by submitting all the relevant documents you need for beginning the registration process.

One Person Pvt Ltd Company Registration Process Online

UPDATE: COVID 19 has impacted the organizations a lot. Well, now all the companies are emerging out of this pandemic situation. The companies are arranging everything cautiously to deliver proper solutions to the customers. Sujata Associates aims to provide online services that help to take proper protection in this situation.

The primary reason for opting One person Company (OPC) registration is to provide a  person a business idea that requires to be represented in a corporate format. The main factor is ideas solely can be carried out by the same person with limited resources. OPC companies can have several directors, but the shareholder cannot be more than one. A per the rule, no person shall be allowed to incorporate more than 1 one person company.

With the help of OPC, the company can enjoy the benefits in banking similar to Private Limited Companies, One Person Companies who are eligible for Banking loans, credits and enjoy the benefits of Limited Liability Companies.

As one of the leading business consultants, we always provide the best legal assistance in India for those who’re looking ahead for online registration of a company.

Just with a single click of a mouse, you can browse our official website

Characteristics of One Person Company:
  • One Person Company is always known as the Private Limited Company
  • The company must have a single member and only one can be the director of the company
  • The name of the individual one-person company must be mentioned and must be included in the brackets, below the company’s name
  • It’s difficult for one person to incorporate single OPC or be a nominee in more than a single OPC
  • Only an adult can be the owner of a single proprietorship company and hold his/her share of the profit gained by the company
Advantages of gaining OPC:

A sole proprietorship business barely needs anyone except one individual to form a company.

The advantages enjoyed by the owner of a sole proprietorship business are as follows:

Lifetime Continuation

A One Person Company is a registered corporation that can carry lifetime continuation and turns it easy for a business owner to raise capital. It’s a non-natural body owned by the proprietor, that’s why any claim against the business can’t be squeezed from the administrator. A sole proprietor is entitled to take business decisions for his/her business solely based on his/her wishes.

Minimum Requirements:

A One Person company, requires minimum 1 shareholder or 1 director, and even can be the same person. It must have 1 nominee, minimum share capital, up to Rs. 1 lakh (1 Lakh INR). However, it’s mandatory to the suffix, the ‘OPC’ letters with the specific name of the sole proprietorship business, to segregate it from other companies.

Key Operations Criteria of OPC:

Owner of a one-person company is known as PVT LTD company

The company must have a single member and should have a single director throughout its tenure ship

Being an OPC, the name of the individual owner must be written in brackets below the name of the business

Business owner can’t be involved in any other corporation under any circumstances and can be a nominee in more than single OPC

It’s compulsory to be an adult for gaining the nominee of a One Person LTD Company and enjoy his/her share of monetary profit, as minors can’t be a nominee of the corporation

However, there are multiple advantages of owning One Person PVT LTD for the owner, as there’s no need for any other partner or an individual to form the company. Which means, the legal identity of the business becomes valid right from the day an owner forms it.

However, the advantages of a sole proprietorship business are:
  • Gaining legal ownership throughout the life
  • Single owner of a company can own the legal ownership of it for a long time. The owner can raise the capital of the business for a long time. The OPC is a non-natural body from its proprietor and must be cautious about the claims he/she is making against the business that can’t be squeezed against the administrator.
  • What are the minimum requirements for running an OPC?
  • The OPC requires a minimum number of 1 shareholder, 1 director. The director and the shareholder can be the same person however, with a minimum number of 1 nominee, minimum share capital (not less than 1 Lakh INR).
  • The “OPC” must be suffixed with the name of OPC to segregate it from any other form of company/ companies.
  • Being India’s one of the largest business consultants, we guarantee professional company registration services. Amongst our wide range of services we also provide company registration assistance related legal help for an individual PVT LTD company too. For those One Person PVT Ltd Companies, also known as (OPC), our primary goal lies in offering a niche-based solution to those individual clients who are stuck with litigation confusion for setting their newbie PVT LTD company.

LLP Company Registration process online

UPDATE: We are now standing in a situation where every organization is taking proper steps to run their business. Coronavirus pandemic has affected a lot on businesses all over the world. Sujata Associations is following all the guidelines issued by the government to prevent the spreading of COVID 19.

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) is the procedure of  carrying benefits from conventional partnership and still limiting personal liabilities of the partners. LLP is regarded as a contractual agreement among the partners under the Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008. It has now become quite a popular choice for the services and professional firms like Chartered Accountants, recruiting firms, consulting businesses, etc.

Being one of the most widespread businesses, the partnership is one of the most popular forms of business structures these days. A large number of companies are opting for one such form of business these days as the ownership of the company is owned by two or more than two people. One advantage of this business is it minimizes the chances of risk percentage. This particular form of business contains more than the proprietor. The profit earned in this business is shared by more than two persons and they’re the governing members of one such business.

In a partnership business, the business partners are the co-holders of a business. As one of the leading legal consultants, Sujata Associates offer easy litigation assistance for LLP registration processes in India.  In addition to LLP registration, it also offers a wide array of business registration services like private limited company registration, one person company registration, proprietorship registration, digital certification, etc. It takes not more than 15-20 days for completing an LLP registration, depending upon the documents you’re submitting and time taken by the relevant government officials.

Unlike other legal consultants, we offer a free seminar on the LLP registration process that turns the entire process of registration to you in many ways.  Once you schedule an appointment with the LLP associates, it’s easy for you to set an appointment with Sujata Associates advisor.

Advantages unlocked with LLP registration:

Limited number of owners – It’s the biggest advantage for a firm. The liability remains limited in the partnership business. Unlike a sole proprietorship business here there are no such specific parameters drawn. The most interesting thing is, here the profit margin is distributed amongst each of the individual partners and all are liable to bear the consequences of the business, both in profit as well as in loss.

Limited liability – With the liability of a partnership business remaining limited, the ownership of the business is evenly distributed so that the owners don’t have to take additional burdens individually. That makes it easier to overcome loss and legal disputes of the firm quickly and easily.

Maximum tax benefits-

Filing taxes in a partnership is not compulsory, that’s one of the lucrative outcomes of partnership business models. However, it’s mandatory for each of the individual partners to file the taxes individually being a part of the business norm in a partnership business.

Better flexibility than any other form of business – Maximum flexibility is one of the key features of a partnership business, as here the owners are all provided with the freedom to contribute capital money they want to roll in the business. The partners are not compelled to take part in the business meetings or in the discussion panel of the board of members of the company. If they choose they may have the freedom to be a sleeping partner of the organization too.

Sujata Associates is the leading business consultancy firm in the market which offers services like LLP registration in India. In addition to LLP registration, Sujata Associates also offers a wide range of business registration services like private limited company registration, one person company registration , proprietorship registration , digital certificate and etc . The usual time taken to complete a LLP registration is about 15 – 20 working days, subject to government processing time and client document submission. Customers can easily get a free seminar on LLP registration and business setup in India by scheduling an appointment with an Sujata Associates Adviser.

It is essential to choose your business structure smartly as your Income Tax Returns will depend on it. When you are registering your company, remember that each business structure has different levels of compliances that need to be followed. Sujata Associates professionals will help to get all the process done without any worry. Within 15-20 days  LLP registration will  be completed, depending upon the documents you’re submitting and time taken by the relevant government officials.

Advantages OF LLP Registration –

Large Number of Owners – One of the biggest advantages of forming a limited liability partnership is that there is no perimeter on the amount of owners that can be drawn in with the business. This is great because it equally distributes the amount of liability that each partner can have if something where to go wrong with the business.

Less Liability According to the name , limited liability partnerships constrains your liability. Since there are a large number of owners concerned in the business all of the risks of the business are evenly distributed and made much smaller than if a single person was responsible for the business on their own. This generally refers to legal issues, like if the company was sued for any reason.

Tax Benefits—– ONE of the greatest benefits of operating underneath an LLP is how you file taxes. The partnership itself does require to file taxes as a business, which provides great breaks for the company. However, each individual partner must file a variety of different tax forms regarding the business.

High degree of Flexibility——Flexibility is a chief characteristic of limited liability partnerships. Each partner of the partnership has the ability to decide what amount of capital they want to contribute and how much of a partner they truthfully want to be in the business. They are also not compelled to take part in business meetings or discussions with anyone whom they feel not necessary

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