We started with the simple idea that executing business in India should be easy. To accomplish our mission we are building the largest business services platform in the world with a huge range of business services from incorporation to tax filing. By making it easier to do business, we hope to unite Entrepreneurship and help small businesses compete effectively.

Today, Sujata Associates is the best leading Company Registration consultant in Kolkata. Sujata Associates has a goal by helping people to start and manage their business through the company registration process to website making and the last but not to the least Search Engine Optimization at very decent prices.

We promise to help the start-ups and small business owners in the field by solving the legal compliance for starting and running the business. No matter that what kind of business you own, if you trust us with your brand we ensure that you won’t be disappointed with our services. Our company in India undertakes many government/legal forms through the technology and compresses them at one place to make the customers understand their process to register their companies. We also help companies with compliance, branding, licensing, promotions, loans etc.

Services we offer:

  • Company Registration.
  • Company Complaince.
  • Company Branding.
  • Company Licensing.
  • Company Promotion.

We are also the best leading company in MLM software and Website development. We provide software for all types of MLM Plan like Binary Plan, Level Plan, Repurchase, Growth Plan, Board Plan, FD Plan, RD Plan, Career Plan and many more in India. We also provide custom MLM software’s according to your MLM business requires in India.


Register A Company

Registering your company/organization under the right business structure is an important decision. The correct business structure will enable your company to work productively and meet your required business targets.

Company Compliance

The Companies Act recommends certain base compliance which are required to go along by each newly consolidated company. A company which has been incorporated in India must ensure compliance with the Indian Companies Act.

Company Branding

Company branding refers to the practice of promoting the brand name of a company/corporate entity, as opposed to specific products or services. The activities and thinking that go into company branding varies depending on the services they offer.

Company Licensing

Company licenses are grants issued by the government that allow individuals or companies to conduct business within the government's geographical jurisdiction. It is the authorization to start a business issued by the local government.

Company Promotion

Company Promotion refers to the process by which a company is brought into existence. It involves various acts that makes the company socially and physically more appealing and appears to broader audience.


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