Bar Code Registration

Standardized tags are vertical lines portrayal that can be examined electronically to get the item subtleties quicker.

Standardized identification is utilized to encode the item subtleties in a flash, for example, item numbers, chronic numbers, and cluster numbers. A standardized tag on item assumes a fundamental job in the store network, empowering all members resembles Manufacturers, carrier, distributer to recognize items without any problem.

Notwithstanding that, a standardized identification on items assumes an essential part in a production network, general stores, transportation, emergency clinics, and quick retails chains.

EAN-13 is the most usually utilized sort of standardized tag that has 13 numeric digits. UPC-A standardized identification is a superset of 12 numeric digits.


  • Company Pan Card A copy of PAN Card of the company is required as Proof of authentication of the business entity.
  • Business Registration Proof Such as GST registration, partnership deed, certificate of incorporation, shop establishment certificate, FSSAI license, etc.
  • Canceled Cheque A Cancelled Cheque is mandatory to be submitted for verifying bank account details.
  • Product Details Such as product number, serial number, batch number, MRP of the product.
  • Company Letterhead Letter for requesting the allotment of barcode on the company letterhead.

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We don’t simply give standardized identification proprietorship to you. We guarantee enlistment of EAN 13 and UPC standardized identification on a worldwide scanner tag information base alongside item subtleties. 

Standardized tag enlistment empowers perceivability on google look for the scanner tag number fasten on the item. On enrollment, Barcode checking will restore item data from a worldwide information base to the perusers on the web.

There are various free online tools available to generate barcodes.


Manufacturers and packagers spend thousands of rupees printing barcodes on product packaging. Generally, big retail chains such as Walmart, Big Bazaar, Max Fashion, Home Center, Aditya Birla Retail, Shoppers Stop, etc do not accept barcodes except International Barcode .


Product rejection due to free barcodes may lead to a big loss by reprinting product packages again with legitimate barcodes.


How to apply for International Barcode Registration ?


  • Meet and Improve Customer Requirements:
  • Consult our business advisor about a product for which seeking Barcode registration.
  • Choose Package and Pay online with different payments modes available  
  • On placing an order, your application shall be assigned to one of our dedicated professional
  • After documents & information scrutiny, our team will file an application for product barcode registration.
  • On successful barcode registration, we will provide barcodes and certificate.

Benefits of Products Barcodes

  1. Universal Identification of the Product

Gives unambiguous and general distinguishing proof of items so no two items on the planet would have a similar GS1 standardized tag number.

  • Speedy product Listing

Assists with quicker posting of items on web based business stages.

  • Best Standard Practice

Meets pre-requisite to doing business with modern trade retailers. Gives an international look and feel to products.

  • Accuracy & Faster Billing

Facilitates accurate and faster billing at retail billing counters.
Since the barcode is a unique key to identify a product (via GTIN), it can be used to identify products without any ambiguity and place accurate orders for them.

  • Optimised Inventory Management

With Product Barcodes, company can use the technology to maintain accurate control over inventory. For example, warehouses and retailers can scan barcodes when products arrive and leave, to take a record of inventory. Some companies link their inventory control to online portals so that they can instantly update package status.

  • Helps to Maintain Error Free

Enables automated data capture with 100% information accuracy. This helps eliminate human errors, offering a reliable way to read encoded information.


Barcode Registration Pricing

Now that we have covered the major benefits of getting the ISO Certification,let’s jump into the procedure of getting it.Do remember, ISO does not provide the certification directly and you would be needing an external ISO Registrar to do the bidding. We recommend to look for a registrar 2-3 months prior whileyour company is constructing it’s Quality System

Rs 4,750
  • 1 Barcode Registration
  • gs1 compliance barcode
  • Ownership Certificate
Rs 8,000
  • 2 Barcode Registration
  • International Barcode Database
  • Ownership Certificate
Rs 37,000
  • 10 Barcode Registration
  • International Barcode Database
  • Ownership Certificate

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