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Sujata Associates deal with all company compliances with professionalism. Our services are delivered all over India via online. The company compliances includes,

Pvt. Ltd Annual Company Compliance: A Private Limited Company is bound to file an annual financial report for every fiscal year with MCA. The ROC filing is necessary regardless of the company’s turnover or if it’s undertaken or not, a certified organization must show their annual compliance. An annual general meeting must be held by the directors and within the 30 days of the meeting, the company is expected to file the annual return for the time 1st April to 31st March. The year-end balance sheet along with the profit & loss account and director’s report must be filed as well. If a company continuously fails to do so within the due dates, company’s name might be removed from the ROC’s register and also the directors may face disqualification.

LLP Annual Company Compliance: The Annual Returns and Account Statements of a LLP company must be filed every year in two separate forms; Form 11 & Form 8, 60 days prior to the financial year closure. Annual compliance of a LLP company is an absolute necessity because the regular compliance reporting provides the organization with higher credibility in case of conversion or closure if the company. The annual reports determine the financial worth of the company which may help the owners to get bigger project and interested investors. The regular filing will ensure the active status of the business, and also save the company from heavy cost penalties.

Public Ltd. Annual Company Compliance: As per the Companies Act, 2013, a public limited company must file annual compliance on a regular basis every year. Both the listed, and the unlisted public ltd companies must comply with the regulations laid by the compliance rules or it may result in heavy penalties and imprisonment. Compliance can be filed annually or periodically depending on the company. Listed and unlisted public ltd companies must file separate compliance listed as mandatory for the respective organizations. It’s a sensitive and essential practice that requires the help professional legal service providers.

Nidhi Annual Company Compliance: The one and only motive of a Nidhi company is to borrow and lend money among the members. Since Nidhi companies are non-banking financial organizations, they are excluded from the compliance of the Companies Act, 2013. Its compliance abide by the Nidhi Company Act, 2014 regulations. Filing of the annual compliance will require the mandatory application of NDH-1, NDH-2, & NDH-3 and a legal proceeding. Failing to comply with the provisions may result in imprisonment, and a penalty with an extension up to Rs. 5000.

Proprietorship Annual Company Compliance: Proprietorship is the most common form of business in India preferred by almost every new entrepreneurs as in this form of company, the business is run, managed and controlled by one person only. Proprietorship company requires lesser amount of money and the legal compliance required is less as well. The annual compliance filing only requires the annual financial statement of the company, the GST and Income Tax return of the proprietor. If a person is registered under the GST act, he/she must file a GST return on monthly basis. Failing to comply with the terms, and conditions of the annual compliance may result in penalties.

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