Company Director Removal

The board of directors has the legal authority to discharge or remove a company director according to the Companies Act, 2013. The reason has to be firm and evident to take such a big decision. Reason can be the inefficiency of the director’s capability, a fraud by any director, disagreement between the directors, or even the director himself resigns due to personal reasons.

The removal will require the passing of an Ordinary Resolution. This resolution will state that the director was not appointed by the Central Government and the BOD members will be able to remove the director successfully.

Documents Required:

  • Passport photo of the designated director
  • Self-attested PAN of the director
  • Voter ID/Passport/Driving License as residential proof
  • DSC of the designated director and the existing directors as well.
  • Phone number, email address of the director to be eliminated.
  • Resignation Notice filed with the company
  • Dispatch proof.
  • DIR-11 and DIR-12 filing


If the designated director challenges the decision of removal in a legal way and take the matter to the court. This will involve a lot of legalities and create a lot of hassle for the existing directors.

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