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Sujata Associates deal with all sorts of licensing services. We provide services all over India to provide the best legal solutions for your business. Our licensing services includes:

Trade License Registration: Trade license registration grants the permission to run a business or trade under the laws of Municipal Corporation of the respective state government. This license is an absolute necessity if you’re planning to run a business. In case trade license is not registered, it may result in a costly penalty or in worst case scenario, closure of the business. If you don’t want that happening to you, register your trade license immediately to avoid any legal issues moving forward.

FSSAI Registration: FSSAI or food license is issued to ensure the standard of quality of any food-related businesses. However, most of the entrepreneurs in India tend to overlook the value and effectiveness of this license. FSSAI registration can ensure the growth of your short period business in the long term as this license will help in gaining consumer trust and leave scope for expansion. Most people try to avoid applying for the license believing it’s an expensive and extensive process of documentation but in reality, it’s not the case.

Shops & Establishments Registration: If you’re running a business, it is an absolute necessity to register it under the shops and establishment act within 30 days of it’s opening. It is the most basic license to have while running a commercial business since it is the legal proof of its existence. Rules and regulations for the shops and establishment act in India varies from state to state. In case you don’t have the registration, it may result in penalty of imprisonment and costly fine.

Fire License Registration: As per the West Bengal Fire Service Act, the owners of any commercial or residential building must take necessary safety precautions if the building or objects in the building are likely to cause any fire related accident. There are over 25,000 fire related deaths every year which could have easily been prevented. The state issued fire license registration ensures the safety of the building by removing any questionable objects which may cause fire. If you’re running a business and don’t want any mishap happening to your organization, register for fire license today to prevent it from tomorrow.

Pollution License Registration: When a company potentially generates pollutants like chemical wastage, detergent washing, smoke, or medical wastes, then you need to apply to the pollution control board and register the Pollution License. Central Pollution Control Board has specified pollution into 4 categories. The Red categories includes industries like big manufacturers, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, and so on. The Orange category involves a medium sized organization where there is high level of pollution. The Green category are those where there is relatively low pollution and lastly the White category where there is practically no pollution. It is recommended to consult a legal expert for knowing more about Pollution License Registration. They will abide by the rules and regulations that safeguards your business as well as the environment.

Import Export Code Registration: In this industrial era, everyone is in cut-throat competition of growing their business beyond the limits in the market. Before going to a global business you need to follow several rules and regulations in place and get several registration and license. Import and Export License Registration is one of them when you are thinking to export products. Import and Export Code Registration is needed when a business owner is looking to export or import his/her business in the country. It is a 10 digit code with a lifetime validity. Mainly it is not possible for the merchants to import or export goods without a IEC Registration.

ESI & PF Registration: Employee State Insurance (ESI) is self financing social security program that provides several benefits like, medical coverage, sickness, disability benefits, and so on. Provident Fund (PF) is the scheme to provide monetary benefit to all the working individuals after their retirement. ESI and PF Registration is something that benefits the individuals more than the business owners. And the individuals are well aware of that. They prefer to choose a company offering these schemes. If a business owner have 10+ employees and is looking at implementing these schemes can contact us . We will guide you to get the registration in a seamless manner.

MSME Registration: Micro small and medium enterprises registration is the backbone of economic growth in developed and developing countries. MSME Registration has played a vital role in developing the countries by creating employment  for more than 50 million people worldwide. Registration of MSME is not legally mandatory but it will provide an individual an array of benefits like, incentives on products for export, credit at low interest rate, excise exemption, and many others.

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