Company MOA Amendment

An MOA or Memorandum of Association is issued at the time of company incorporation. It has the written documentation of the company constitution, member rights, and the relationship agreement with the members. Any alteration to the MOA requires a special resolution at the particular company’s shareholders meeting. However, this is a lengthy and complex process that must be dealt with excellent professional care.

Process of MOA Amendment:

  1. A meeting must be held by the Board of Directors
  2. General meeting of the members of the company
  3. Passing necessary resolution and filing forms like MGT-14, INC-22 OR INC-23, SH-7
  4. Certification of the MOA amendment.

MOA amendment can be required for a few of the reasons. Such as a change in the name of the company, change in business activity, or the conversion of the company (Pvt. Ltd to Public Ltd. Company and vice-versa).

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