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Winding Up of Private Limited companies is full of compliances specified in Company Rules, 2014 followed by The Companies Act, 2013. Normally there are two ways for closure of Private Limited companies, one is winding up through tribunal and the other is voluntary winding up. These processes are lengthy and cost efficient also.

One of the speedy way to close down a private limited company being non–operational over a period of time is fast can proceed for closure under this criteria:-

1.  Within one year of its incorporation if a company fails to commence its business

2.  When a company voluntarily wants to close, it can after clearing all its liabilities, by obtaining the consent of at least 75% or more shareholders in terms of paid-up capital;

3.  Not able to carry any business for a period of two years as per new rule and has not sought to call itself a dormant company.

4.  Company does not have any cases, dues or demand pending under any statutory bodies of Central and State Governments and any taxation authorities.

5.  Company has nil assets and liabilities in the books.


1.  Call Board Meeting to pass Board resolution for the purpose of strike off and to authorize any director to file an application.

2.  After passing of Board resolution, if there is any liability in the company, the company will set off all liabilities.

3.  Call the general meeting and pass a special resolution with 75% consent of members in terms of paid up capital of the company.

4.  File MGT-14 within 30 days of passing a special resolution along with fees as specified in Company rules, 2014.

5.  An application for removal of the name of the company under sub-section (2) of section 248 shall be made in Form STK-2 along with the fee of INR 5000 along with the necessary attachment. E-Form STK-2 shall be signed by authorized director. Where the Director Concerned does not have a Digital Signature certificate, a physical copy of the form duly filled in shall be signed manually by the Director duly authorized in that behalf and shall be attached with the Form STK-2 while uploading the Form.

6.  E-Form STK-2 shall be certified by Company secretary in whole time practice or Chartered Accountant in whole time practice or Cost Accountant in whole time practice.


An application under FTE route shall not be made if, at any time in the previous three months the company-

1.  Its name has been changed or shifted its registered office from one state to another.

2.  Has made a disposal for value of property or rights held by it, immediately before cesser of trade or otherwise carrying on of business, for the purpose of disposal of gain in the normal course of trading or otherwise carrying on of business;

3.  Has engaged in any other activity except the for one which is mandatory or expedient for the purpose of making an application under that section, or deciding whether to do so or concluding the affairs of the company or complying with any statutory requirement;

4.  Has made an application to the Tribunal for the sanctioning of a compromise or arrangement and the matter has not been finally concluded;

5.  Or is being wound up under Chapter XX, whether voluntarily or by the Tribunal.


1.  Indemnity bond duly notarized in non judicial stamp paper of Rs. 500/-from every director individually or collectively effect that any losses, claim and liabilities on the company, shall be met in full by every Director individually or collectively, even after the name of the company is struck off the Registrar of Companies in Form STK 3;

2.  Statement of accounts containing assets and liabilities of the company prepared up to a day, not beyond thirty days before the date of application and certified by a Chartered Accountant;

3.  An affidavit in Form STK 4 on a non judicial stamp paper of Rs. 100, sworn by each of the existing director/directors before a First Class Judicial Magistrate/Executive Magistrate/Oath Commissioner/Notary, to the effect that the company did not carry on any business since incorporation or that the company did some business for a period up to a date and then discontinued;

4.  A copy of the special resolution duly certified by each of the directors of the company or consent of seventy-five percent of the members of the company in terms of paid up share capital as on the date of application;

5.  Statement regarding pending litigations, if any, involving the company.

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You require submitting lawful forms following filing of required particulars concerning panel of directors, shareholders, and operation details of additional companies.All of you who are seeking a lawful agency for trade incorporation and company conglomerate do not hesitate in contacting us. We are going to offer you worthy services.We’ve a knowledgeable and experiencedpanel that had all been operational on their personal fronts. We have been integrated to pull together all their know-how and to produceunproblematic access to the complete canvas of regulatory and tax compliances for corporations. Our platform is a blend of the objectivity, experience, and leadership of the higher-ranking Professionals organizing their spheres and the enthusiasm, firmness and fervor of the juvenile aspirants who endeavor to build up solutions.

Online Registration Process

Registration of corporation implies to make the company activities as well as parts of operations legitimate under the identical registered corporation. There are a variety of steps as well as procedures that an individual is required complying at the time of doing the registration of the company. For all corporate houses it is being compulsory to abide by the same in the event of them wanting to make their company activities safe as well as secure. Well, for the duration of the phases of infringement in the event of a single company having already been abided by such legal regulations they are easily able to be applied with litigation/ opposition process. In the event of the company not having abided by business legal rules as well as regulation that company is unable to achieve any of the authorized benefits and instead can incur total damage.

Registration of Company

There’re a range of rules as well as modus operandi under the business registration. As stated by the corporation’s act 1956, all companies require abiding by every one of the parts of the identical business act if they truly require carrying out business in a smooth manner sans any of the lawful discrepancy.In the section below are sessions that you require following while making an application for company registration.You require approving the name of the company under definite ROC, which is an abbreviation for registrar of companiesYou require filing all of the essential documentaries and additional docs in conjunction with memo of article and also as article of association to that very ROC.You require submitting ID proof as well as additional legal regulations to the identical concern authority.

The advantages or the features of a Private Limited Company

Call 943 290 9772 for Online Company Registration in India,Register A Company Online,Company Registration Process,Registration Of Company,Company Registration Company.The advantages or the features of a Private Limited Company is Non-transferability of shares, limited liability,separate legal entity,perpetual succession, minimum subscription, prospectus etc. Those features makes a Private Limited Company most recommended type of business entity than small , medium or family owned business.

Sujata Associates is the most popular and well-known company registration services in India , offering a variety of company registration like private limited company registration , one person company registration section 8 company registration, producer company registration etc. It takes to complete a registration process is about 10-15 working days. Get a free consultation on company registration and business setup in India by scheduling an appointment with a Sujataassociates advisor.

Overview of Company Registration E-forms

The ministry of Corporate Affairs took a valiant and versatile step towards Government process Reengineering by Launching a simplified proforma for incorporating a company electronically as a part of Companies Fourth Amendment Rules, 2016. MCA seeks to achieve a speedy incorporation services within specified time frames. 2015 was the introduction of e –form INC29 for incorporation and now INC-29 shall be replaced by INC 32. And now no need to filling up a huge list of form instead of a single form which is form32, foem33and form3.

This is a time consuming process. The entire process of incorporation takes only 48 hours for approval .form 32 is the application for company details with PAN & TAN , which have to submit first. After that form32 and 33 for MOA and AOA respectively . INC32 provides more facilities than form INC 29.

The time fo Indian companies is the most appropriate to improve their e readiness index. This is the first time when all the companies will do this so you may face some problem while feeling the form. Do not be worried contact us as we are being the expert company help you to do this through specimen for filling process which will make easier your form fill up procedure. You will get a mock form fill it up and then fill the original form so you can reduced the error .Be smart make call and we will be there to solve your form fill up issue.

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Trade License in Kolkata, VAT, CST done in good time. Also associated with for regular TaxationCompliance.

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Good work done. Company formed in Bihar within 5 days. All compliance support given for ROC andTaxation.

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