Copyright Registration

Copyright is the legal right provided to the creators of music, art, literature, film, and even a computer program. Copyright gives the creator an exclusive right by safeguarding and rewarding the creation. If this registration is not done, there is a possibility that someone’s work or creation may be reproduced, copied or reproduced and he will not receive the credit he deserves.

What are the rights that the copyright owner get?

The copyright gives exclusive rights to its owner, such as;

  • The owner has the right to reproduce his work or authorize someone else to do it.
  • The copyright holder can make his/her work publicly accessible and can also renovate the work to publish in different media forms.
  • The copyright holder can assign or license the work to a third party with a legal agreement but the ownership remains with the original holder.
  • The owner can file a legal case and ask for damage fees in case of infringement.
Required Documents:
  1. 3 copies of work if it is published. If not published, then 2 copies of the work.
  2. DD or IPO of Rs. (Estimated) depending upon the work.
  3. NOC from different copyright holders (if any) or the agreement.
  4. Information about the title and language of the script.
  5. If the applicant is not an author, give full details (like name, date of birth, address, and so on).
  6. Information regarding the year of publication must be there.

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Copyright Registration

Copyright protects the right of the owner on his work legally.  It is specifically published for a copy or financial gain or otherwise work. It is not mandatory to register copyright. This registration has been given to the creator of the work, to make a copy or to copy or translate or to adapt the work.


  • 2 Copies of work 
  • IPO of the amount according to the work and quantity per work
  • Name, Address & Nationality of the Applicant
  • Name, address, and nationality of the author of the work
  • Title of the Work
  • Language of the Work
  • Date of Publication

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Obtaining Director Identification Number

Obtain a director identification number (DIN) for the proposed directors in the company 

Proper Examination

Then there is a minimum of 30 days waiting period. In this time period, the copyright examiner reviews the application

If no issues are found

In case no objection is raised, the examiner goes ahead to review the application to find any discrepancy.

In case any issue arises

If any objection is raised against the applicant, letters are sent out to both parties 


After this, there is a procedure for registration. In this step, the registrar might ask for more documents.

Procedure is this completed

 The last but not the least, Registrar of Copyrights would enter the details of the copyright into the register

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