DIN Surrender

DIN is the unique 8 digit identification number issued to every director of all companies. In case a director has more than 1 DIN for reasons like fraudulent, insolvency, or un association with the company, quick actions must be taken. An expert company registrar is required to file an application to ROC in a DIR-5 form for the surrender of the DIN.

Reasons to Surrender your DIN:

  • Owners having multiple DINs.
  • DIN through fraudulent.
  • Insolvent director.
  • Director is no longer associated with the company.

The procedure to surrender DIN is a legal process that will require the DIR-5 form filing and documentation.

Documents Required:

  • Application in the DIR-5 form.
  • Identity proof – Voter ID/PAN/Passport/ Driving License/Aadhaar Card
  • Recent passport-sized photo
  • Residential proof – Voter ID/ Electricity bill/Telephone bill.

Sujata Associates will take care of the legal process by doing the documentation and filing the form to surrender your DIN. Our services are easy to get online even during the Covid-19 pandemic. DIN surrender in Kolkata is just a click away.

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