International Business Setup

The year 2020 was a deathly blow for the small and medium scale businesses in US and UK due to Global pandemic. 

On one hand, while the disease claimed a huge toll of human lives due to ignorance, while on the other hand the non-essential and essential business owners were clueless about how to sustain their huge loss. Planning for an international business setup amidst the global crisis is a real crank indeed.


By the time they could really figure out something, the warehouses were locked down, shops were shut down and no businesses or workplaces were allowed to remain open. 


It’s only by the end of November, things have finally started to settle down, after an estimated loss of millions of dollars for small businesses. 


A lot of small scale business entrepreneurs are getting ready to take this opportunity for establishing their international business setup in countries like the US and UK. 


Which are the legal factors that you must not overlook  while setting up an international business: 


American market is quite huge. As a  business entrepreneur, if you’re looking for a growth hack, analyzing your targeted market is important. Try to find the answer for 



Knowing the basics of business formation in USA

It’s important to know the basics of business formation before you begin your start up business in the USA. The basics include:

  • Articles of organization 
  • Operating Agreement 
  • Employee identification number

Without having any idea on these basic fundamentals, thinking of an LLC set up in the USA is out of question. As a first timer, if you’re planning to penetrate a foreign market, it’s mandatory for you to know these basics of the LLP registration process in the US. 

Let’s have an analytical view of these three basics of Limited Liability Company setup in the US,

Articles of Organization 

Articles of organization also known as the Certificate of Organization deals with your:

  1. Business name

It deals with the name of the business that you’ve chosen. The business name must be unique. If the name that you select has already been taken by someone else then you’re liable to pay a hefty penalty. That won’t be a good beginning for your business. Rather spend some time to find a unique name that justifies the product/service of your business suitably. While choosing the name, think how suitably your customers can relate your products/services with your business, that others haven’t used while naming their business corporation. 


  1. Purpose of your business

The purpose of your business must be legal and it should not involve anything that’s not legit. On violating such an act, you might be a victim of the Federal Trade Commission Act, that can seize your business rights and even your business license even. The worst part is, you might be booked under legal proceedings of conducting unfair or deceptive acts or practices in or affecting commerce. 

The best way to keep such troubles at bay, is to get connected with a legal consultant for knowing the legit ways of running a specially LLC setup in the USA as a foreign entrepreneur. 

  1. Principle of the place where your business is set up

Maximum business owners lack ideas on identifying the correct place for localizing their business.  By doing so, they end up making a mistake in selecting a place that’s far from the core commercial areas.  As an entrepreneur you must avoid such foul-play, or else your business won’t get a scope to reach those market zones where your sales conversion is high. 


  1. Finding a professional registered agent 

You need an expert consultant for getting legal assistance in your start-up business. You never know which litigation proceeding is waiting for you, once you take the ownership of an organization. With a legal expert, it’s easy for you to draft your legal documents on your behalf, and avail specialist’s assistance while you’re being lawsuited or you lawsuiting someone under the Federal Law. 

Before hiring a legal expert for your limited company registration in the UK, get assured that your legal expert is located in the same country or state where your business is registered. 


Say for e.g. your company is located in the UK, and you are expecting a legal consultant’s help who’s based in any other country, then you won’t be able to move ahead with your legal proceedings. 


Before setting your international business, always consider this legal fact in your mind.


  1. The structure of your business management 

Analyze the structure of your LLC business that you’re planning to start. While doing so, calculate the exact number of employees, managers, workers, official staff, non-official staff, etc. in your business. You need to file your taxes on the basis of the employee strength in your business. Make sure that the employee strength is being reflected in the legal documents of your firm. According to the ACA, (Affordable Care Act) the minimum number of employee strength in your business must be at least 50. 


If it’s a medium scale business structure you’re planning to begin, you need at least 100 employees in your business. Depending upon the employee strength, you need to pay a certain amount for medical coverage, accidental coverage and work-hazard safety standard coverage too.


It’s better to optimize your capital smartly, if you’re planning to set up a medium scale business. Often business owners may not be able to manage their capital expenses for meeting these legal parameters. That’s where they get stuck with legal disputes. With a legal expert, you won’t face such problems any more.  


That however eases-down the entire process of getting approval for your limited company registration in the UK  as a newbie entrepreneur in a fresh market. 


Understanding the basics of operating agreement

It’s important to know about the operating agreement before beginning your startup business. The agreement helps in maintaining the transparency of the rights and duties of the members of one such LLC corporation. Filing an LLC operating agreement is not mandatory for your company, but you need a LLC legal document to comply with the legal formalities of your corporate company. 


The clauses  in your operating agreement might vary from the agreements prepared by the other companies, but the agreement must include:

  • The pivotal business decisions you’re taking in the business, if there’s more than one member in it 
  • The percentage of ownership that the other members of the business hold 
  • Basic structure of the distribution of your profit and loss 
  • Clause for the disclosure of business due to instances like the death of the business owner, or if any of the owners choose to quit the business 
  • Specific law if the LLC corporation dissolves 

These are a few legal factors that a business owner must not forget, if you’re planning to begin an international business setup in the USA or in the UK.

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Sujata Associates is more than just a business consulting firm. We aim to work side-by-side with our clients while providing all the necessary solutions for the business and its legalities. We are more like your legal partner you would love to have. Sujata Associates never hesitates to go the extra mile or few for their clients.

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