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Sujata Associates is a law firm situated in India. We provide multiple legal services to our clients all over India. We have experienced advocates for all the courts present in India. Sujata Associates is a full-time service law firm and we are resolving our client’s legal issues. Our strength exists in our team of intellectual advocate are ready to settle legal disputes.

During the Covid-19 outbreak, there are tons of problems arising every now and then. However, our dedicated team of professionals is working tirelessly to provide the necessary services to our clients.

Starting up your business? Having trouble with lawsuits? Want to get your company registered? Choose Sujata Associates as your one-stop legal partner. We have got you covered with our huge range of legal services, be it offline or online. With our cost-efficient online services, you can run your business without having to worry about any legal issues. Our team of legal experts will take care of everything on your behalf. Get a free quote on your required services today by going to our “Contact Us” page and getting in touch with one of our legal advisors.

Our team of lawyers has vast experience in handling legal cases and we are one-stop for all your legal and compliance-related Issues & queries with expertise and competency.


Legal Services in India

Sujata Associates is a renowned law firm in India and takes pride in resolving and concluding challenging legal issues. Our main aim is to develop a good client relationship based on trust & authenticity . We value our clients and believe in an effective legal solution. We are committed to providing relief to our clients.

We provide all sorts of legal services in India. Worried about lockdown and COVID-19? Do not worry. We’ve got you covered. We provide all sorts of services online as well. We are just a click away from you. There are rules and regulations for certain things in every country. People will require an attorney or a legal service provider to deal with any breach in those laws.

Let us now discuss some of the legal services that are provided in India.

  • Family Law: It is always advised to consult with the family attorney before filing for divorce. There can be debts, property division, or child custody to consider. The attorney helps in drafting a prenup agreement according to marriage requirements in your state and provides legal assistance.
  • Civil Law: Civil law is the most vital part of the law system in a country. It basically helps in resolving non-criminal disputes with rules, regulations, and judicial precedents. In the case of real estate, commercial, tax, media industry, sports, or administrative issues comes under civil law. You’ll require a civil lawyer to deal with any of the mentioned issues.
  • Criminal Laws: In case of any commercial offenses, corruption cases, or false lawsuits, legal services help you to fight for your rights. The legal service providers help you to keep your criminal record clear.
  • Debt Recovery: If you have a debt and you’re unable to incur the money, legal service providers can help in recovery. Through various law procedures like the contract act, code of civil procedure, the penal code, etc, the legal service providers can assist you.
  • Check Bounce: Check dishonour can lead to various legal issues. It’s a common issue these days for huge amounts bearing cheques. You can legally sue the defaulter in case of a discharge of any liability. A legal service provider can help you take the required legal actions.
  • Cyber Law: It’s a common thing nowadays. A lot of cybercrimes happen in the corporate sector. Like data theft, infringement, money transaction hacks, and lots of others. Sujata Associates has a solution for that. Our expert cyber law experts will take care of any problem you have on your hands.

Other legal services

Constitutional Law Consulting

It is the largest constitution in the world. Our legal experts have an in-depth knowledge of the same.

Consumer Law Consulting

Consumer rights and all the consumer courts like national/state commission research is conducted with accuracy.

Environmental Law Consulting

The increased pollution growth in the environment threatens the humankind. We deal with all the laws enacted to safeguard it.

Immigration Law Consulting

We deal with the citizenship and immigration laws at Sujata Associates.

Juvenile Law Consulting

Children laws and the legalities involved with juvenile custody is consulted at Sujata Associates.

Real Estate Law Consulting

All the property related loans and registration is taken care of.

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Free Quotes

We are in the field of business for almost 20 years now. Sujata Associates understands that the budget is an essential concern. We help business owners to find the exact service they require. Our consulting experts analyze the need and requirements for the company and provide an absolutely free quote accordingly. We do our best to satisfy our clients.

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Quality & Commitment

We believe absolutely in nothing less than perfectness in quality. Our years of experience have carved the best ways to provide quality-driven consulting services to our clients. We understand it's a big responsibility to run a business. That's why we commit to taking care of the entire service process on your behalf. Less hassle for you and more time to focus on what you do best!

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Budget-Friendly Services

Sujata Associates is a flexible and experienced business consulting firm. We take pride in providing the best possible services in India with cost-effectiveness the other companies can't match.

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We Listen

Engage with consumers and inspire the media — we ensure brands are seen and heard in all the right places. If there is any issue regarding the service, or our client is having some problems, we are always here to listen. We take time to listen, understand, address, and solve the issue accordingly.

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