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Unilevel MLM Plan is an unlimited width plan, that allows you to sponsor only one line of distributors, so everyone you sponsor is on your frontline (i.e no spillover). As there is no further restriction, you can build stronger and longer (length) network down the line. Unilevel MLM plan is efficient for all kind of MLM organizations whether they are small or big.

How does Unilevel MLM Plan work?

Regular Compensation Plans pay out in between 4 and 10 level deep. The compensation structure of Unilevel MLM plan provides the first person, a fraction of every effort of his downline members up to certain level depth by granting a dividend from the Business volume of every member in his downline individually.

For example, let's take the case of a 4 level uni-level plan paid out at a business volume of 1,000. Usually, the dividends in each level descent down the line. Dividend from the directly sponsored members of the first level will be 25% of Business volume, 25% of 1,000 ($250). In the second level be, 10% of 1,000($100). Third be 5% ($50) and the fourth be 2.5%($25). A total of $425 will be compensated from the network in that specific time. Dividend, compensation period and business volumes depend on the MLM organizations. Different MLM companies use different compensation policies.

Most of the MLM companies nowadays use Unilevel Plan as their basic plan and customize it to for more eye-catching image. One of the commonly used customizations in the unilevel plan is the regulation of the payment structure by including a minimal amount of member volume(business volume), an additional criterion to pay out the commission. Unilevel Compensation Plan calculator is used to determine the monthly MLM income based on your associate recruitment and sales volume projections.The Uni-Level MLM plan always stands as the technically best MLM plan for any class of MLM Organization. This plan is undoubtedly a 5 out of 5-star scorer for every startup MLM company.

Unilevel Compensation Plans

In the Unilevel MLM Software, there are mainly three types of compensation that are used to increase the stability of the Unilevel structure and to make the team active.

  • Sponsor Bonus

    In Unilevel compensation plan, the sponsor bonus is paid to encourage the sponsors or distributors to promote business and recruit members to their downline.

  • Fast Start Bonus

    Fast Start Bonus is the starter benefit for enrolling a new member. In the Unilevel compensation plan, to qualify for this bonus, a sponsor has to achieve a target. Fast start bonus is a predetermined amount payable per new recruit. The fast start bonus or commission plays the role of the successful signing up of a new client and to give a higher sales commission on first new sales of new recruits.

  • Level Commissions

    Level Commission is the amount payable to the distributor based on the sales achieved by the downline members. Unilevel Plan has unlimited direct downlines in the first level and each of those members can have their own unlimited downline members.

Benefits Of Uni-Level MLM Plan

Due to the fact that this plan has only one level, it is always easy for you to manage it. First, you do not require any specializing tool or skills to manage this plan, which saves great on your costs. Next, this plan is fully taken care of by the members only, so you again do not have to invest your money and energy in looking after the processes.

However, the biggest advantage of this plan is its unlimited width that makes the real money for you. Every member added in the plan makes money for you, but the members are only paid off when they meet certain criteria. Again, the criteria in this plan are very simple which draw quick and easy money for you. MLM Uni-Level Plan is one of those MLM plans known for big money making. Perhaps this is the reason why people starting their own MLM business prefer starting with this plan, because they want something which is easy to work with and still draws great cash in their account.


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