Patent Registration

Having a Patent Registration is important as it helps to safeguard a design, invention, product that meets certain specifications according to its practicality, rightness, and service. It is considered that a patent can protect any creation for up to 20 years. This time starts as soon as an individual file the patent.

The first step for getting a patent registration is to file a formal application to the trademark office. As soon as you publish a description of the invention, the process of publicly disclosing the product for sale and make it available for commercial use is done.

Benefits of Patent Registration:

  • Establishing a public record for the company.
  • Authority to sue or file a complaint to the court in case infringement.
  • Protection from duplication.
  • Rights to import, export, franchise or sell the patented work.
  • Exclusive rewards for the originality.

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Patent Registration

There are various types of a patent application that needs to be understood, like:

  1. Ordinary application
  2. Convention application
  3. Provision application
  4. Patent of Addition
  5. Divisional Application
  6. National phase PCT Application

Steps to Get Your Patent Registration:

  • The foremost step is to do a patent search fore-filling up the application. As if the invention is found similar to any earlier arts then it may be challenged by the Indian Patent office.
  • The patent should be written in techno legal language. Give specifications of every detail like the area of the invention and the procedure of how it is made.
  • Then one is able to file an application to the Patent Registration in India. If no issues arise then you have to submit full specifications within 12 months.
  • Now you can advertise your invention in journals and wait if any objection arises. If it happens then the examiner will take suitable steps.
  • If no issues occurred or the examiner gets a valid reason, then the authorized body will grant the patent.

patent registration is essential

Legal Rights

As previously mentioned, patent provides exclusive rights to the inventor and prevents others from using the invention. Only the inventor is allowed to decide the usage of the invention and that is, particularly for 20 years from the application date of the patent.

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Investment Protection

The inventor devotes a great deal of time and money to his/her invention. In the current market, competition is fierce and it's very likely that someone might steal your idea and earns benefit from it without any cost. Venture capital and Angel investors mostly put their money on innovations that will provide at least some sort protection for competitive advantage. Well, nothing gives you more competitive advantage than a patent.

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Licensing or Opportunity to Sell

Since the patent legally belongs to the inventor, he/she can license or sell the invention to another person. If you do not wish to exploit the invention yourself, this decision might just put you in a better financial position.

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Higher Return of Investments

Inventor puts a lot of time and money on the invention. As no one else can lawfully use his/her invention, it allows the inventor to command a price to the commercial market and thus, obtaining a higher return on the investment

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Patent Registration Fees

While we are focusing on solving the Human Resources of the businesses, their owners can have more time and focus on their core responsibilities.

Rs 35,000
Rs 45,000
Rs 60,000

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