Proprietorship Company Annual Registration

Proprietorship Annual Company Compliance: Proprietorship is the most common form of business in India preferred by almost every new entrepreneur as in this form of company, the business is run, managed and controlled by one person only. Proprietorship company requires lesser amount of money and the legal compliance required is less as well. The annual compliance filing only requires the annual financial statement of the company, the GST and Income Tax return of the proprietor. If a person is registered under the GST act, he/she must file a GST return on monthly basis. Failing to comply with the terms, and conditions of the annual compliance may result in penalties.

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Update: The world is now under the grip of the COVID 19 pandemic. We are taking all necessary steps to make a reliable registration process for our clients.


Proprietorship Annual Company Compliance

Proprietorship firms are needed to maintain compliance like LLPs and Companies registered all across India.

Proprietorship firm compliance basically includes filing of the income tax return. Proprietorship can be started with a minimum amount of capital.


  • Invoices of Purchases and Sales during a particular year
  • Invoices of expenses incurred during a particular year
  • Credit Card Statements 
  • Bank Statements from all bank accounts in the name of the firm
  • Copy of GST returns filed

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