Public LTD Company Annual Compliances

Public Ltd. Annual Company Compliance: As per the Companies Act, 2013, a public limited company must file annual compliance on a regular basis every year. Both the listed and the unlisted public ltd companies must comply with the regulations laid by the compliance rules or it may result in heavy penalties and imprisonment. Compliance can be filed annually or periodically depending on the company. Listed and unlisted public ltd companies must file separate compliance listed as mandatory for the respective organizations. It’s a sensitive and essential practice that requires the help of professional legal service providers.

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Update: In the Coronavirus Pandemic situation we are following all the guidelines as given by the Government of India. We are providing hassle-free registration of all our customers.


Annual Compliances of Public Limited Company

A public limited company incorporated under the companies act, 2013. It is a composition a minimum of 3 directors & a minimum of 7 members.

A public limited company is authorized to offer shares of the general public. As it involves public money, annual compliances are the primary answerability to the public regarding the legal affairs of the company.

It is necessary for all Public Limited companies to register annual compliances on time as per dates given by ROC.

Failure or Improper filing compliance may lead to heavy penalties on your business.


  • PAN Card
  • Certificate of Incorporation and MoA
  • The audited version of financial statements
  • Independent author’s report
  • Board Report

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