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Whether the Annual Filing is necessary for all companies?
What is the penalty for non-compliance of annual filing of Public Limited Company?
Is appointment of statutory auditor falls under annual compliance?
Whether the audited financial statement is mandatory annual filing for Public Limited Companies?

Public Limited Company Annual Compliance

The Public Limited Companies are undoubtedly required to make the largest number of compliances every year, as compared to those by all other types of companies. Again, the listed public limited companies are the public limited companies which make the biggest magnitude of annual and periodic compliances every coming year. This webpage gives exclusive information about the compliance filings for a public limited (listed) company in india, particularly the annual compliances.

The new Companies Act of 2013 has made the compliances to be made by a public limited company rather comprehensive and rigorous, while the rules and regulations associated with RBI, SEBI, FEMA, and so on, have now become utmost strict and dynamic. Hence, the public limited companies of India, especially the listed ones, are now concerned with making annual and periodic compliances more than ever before, essentially including the public limited roc compliances and tax-related compliances. Here, it may also be just mentioned that, these Acts and Statutes have rigorous provisions of heavy fines, penalties, and punishments (including imprisonment) in cases of delayed compliances and non-compliance.



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