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Frequently Asked Qustion

What is mean by One Person Co. (OPC) Closure?
How long does it take dissolve a one person company under fast track exit scheme?
When can a One person company be said to be dissolved?
Why is it necessary to intimate the Registrar for closing the One Person Company?

One Person Company (OPC) Winding Up

A One Person Company (OPC) is a combined package of a Sole Proprietorship business and a Company, borrowing the best of both worlds.

Winding up the affairs of a company either by its members or by its creditors, without any interference of court it is called voluntary winding up of a company. Section 484 of the Act, 1956 lays down the following circumstances under which a Company may wound up voluntarily:

1. By passing Ordinary Resolution: When the period fixed for the duration of the Company by its Article has expired or the event, if any, on the occurrence of which the Article provides that the Company is to be dissolve, the Company may wound up voluntarily by passing a Ordinary resolution in the General Meeting.

2. By passing Special Resolution: The members of the company may, at any time by passing a Special Resolution, wound up the affairs of the Company voluntarily. No reasons need to be given when majority of the members decided to wind up the Company.


Reasons to Winding Up OPC Company

Low Cost

Winding up of a company is much less costly compared to maintaining complience for a dormant company.

Avoid Fines

A company that doesn't file its compliance on time incurs fines and penalty including debarment of the Directors from starting another Company. Hence, it is better to officially wind up a company that is inactive and avoid potential fines or liabilities in the future

Fast to Close

Closing a company can be processed online. It takes only 5-6 days for closing a company

Easy to close

In India closing a company is way easier than maintaining a company with no activities.


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